I’m sneaking this in: an incredible TV clip from the show Newsroom:

I’m know more for my business than anything. Copy the above “Jim Martin Hobby Lobby” into Google.

Jim Martin Hobby Lobby

The Penis Song on America’s Got Talent:  You may die laughing over this but dying by laughing is not a bad way to go.


The following T-Mobile ad is still capable of giving me tears of pure joy. By the genius of Shai Fishman.


The most beautiful TV ad I’ve seen. I wrote the creator and he thanked me because his bosses had not been as complimentary:


This is the best of all: the Talking Dog whose owner taunts him:


I’m probably too emotional to be allowed into the real world but I’m not embarrassed about getting emotional about Carrie Underwood’s CMA performance:


My Patent - Door OpenerDoor_Opener.html

Click on the links below. I think you'll find some interesting ones and some funny ones.

Letter from my friend Jay. A history lesson that involved MY company Hobby Lobby !
Click here to see the KC-97 Tanker airplanes that I flew in the Air Force and National Guard.KC-97_My_AirForce_airplane.html